Golden Key is a paradise ice coffee

Some men were relaxing while enjoying a meal in a tiny booth Golden Key Coffee, Pasaraya Grande, South Jakarta. These outlets offer a menu of different pre-eminent form of coffee and cake, crepes, and croissants.
LOT of coffee outlets that offer enjoyment coffee imports, but not in Golden Key is actually carrying the privilege Coffee.Gerai local coffee that is not less delicious than the coffee world.
Inevitably, coffee imports do have a delicious flavor. However, the local coffee also no less tasty kok.Kopi domestic production already has its fans even sendiri.Menyadari this, the Golden Key Coffee, coffee outlets located in malls Pasaraya Grande, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, choose a local coffee brings as raw materials products. Golden Key Coffee is homey and comfortable atmosphere only provide capacity for 20 guests. In addition to table, here too there is a bar area, which apparently favored by most visitors to the Golden Key. A unique, even though these outlets acquire the name of a foreign language, but the products offered, particularly coffee, has a local flavor sensation.
The owner of Golden Key Coffee even willing to collect all types of coffee in Indonesia to be presented at this outlet. “We want to raise the best coffee in the country through the use of 100% original Indonesian coffee beans,” said Golden Key Responsible Coffee outlets, Yayat Kusnayat. According Yayat, the current Golden Key Coffee desire for activities promoting local coffee drink coffee in the country into a kind of tradition. This is motivated by the increasing number of coffee outlets that carried the theme of the West, even though Indonesia is one of the largest coffee exporting country in the world.
Lampung coffee and Toraja is a small type of coffee from Indonesia that has been recognized quality. “Coffee is presented here generally come from the Toraja,” said Yayat. Toraja coffee is called by the Dutch colonial past as a coffee cellebes kalossi for this type of Arabica coffee is the type most widely used in the Golden Key Coffee. Although the local coffee aroma is not as strong aroma of coffee imports, but the origin of the Toraja coffee had the same taste delicious with coffee overseas. One of the menus that can be tried in Golden Key is a paradise that became ice coffee servings months ini.Menu promo uses Robusta coffee types from Toraja in-shake with a somewhat sweet taste khusus.Kopi which was very fitting enjoyed while you relax at the booth dominated by brown color of this brick.
The latest variant on the list of hazelnut latte drinks menu is dominated by sweetness. If you love the taste of real coffee and wanted to order an original, just the message that filtered coffee ice using specialized equipment from Japan. As for the menu companion coffee, some snacks are also worth a try. Sunarti, one of his staff said the Golden Key Coffee, bananas, cheese is the idol of the visitors snack outlets. Raw materials used are banana fan, then given the grated cheese on top. Only, if you visit the Golden Key Coffee at night, do not ever ask for banana cheese, because this menu can be ascertained fully booked since the afternoon, even during the day.
“Banana cheese here, if people said, it feels different,” added the woman who had worked at the Golden Key for two years. Menu cake, various crepes, and croissants can be ordered at the booth ini.Asyiknya, because it is in a group with a few restaurants located in Pasaraya Grande, the main food menu can be provided here. (Ingrid namirazswara – Seputar Indonesia Daily)

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