Lanang Coffee Sensation – feel the extra energy

Most people do not much know what lanang coffee, which is now developed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII Malangsari Plantation, Kalibaru, Banyuwangi, East Java.

In addition to physically different, single and round-shaped coffee was also believed to be able to add vitality to the adam. According to one officer Cafe Malangsari Kalibaru, Nurhayati, coffee Banyuwangi lanang origin is a choice of coffee could make peminumnya feel the extra power. “One of them did not make the eyes sleepy, besides some say could add vitality to the drink,” he said.

To get lanang coffee, he said, through a process that is not easy. Lanang coffee beans, coffee beans go through sorting, which accounted for tens of thousands of types of robusta coffee beans. “When coffee beans are generally split in two, coffee beans lanang round and single,” Nurhayati added.

For penikmati coffee, ideal to consume this lanang coffee because caffeine content is very high so it is not easy to drowsiness, next to the coffee taste so halus.Karena it, this is perfect lanang coffee consumed in areas such as air temperature is cool enough in the subdistrict of Kalibaru and Glenmore.

According to one coffee penikmati lanang, Yudi, a resident of tile District, nearly every day he is a time to come to Cafe Malangsari lanang only to enjoy coffee.

In addition to adding extra power, especially that are not easily sleepy, its taste is also very different from the taste of coffee in general.

Moreover, the price of a cup of coffee lanang only Rp 3,000 per cup. “In contrast, if we want to drink coffee mongoose who recently began trendy so the price is also quite expensive,” he said.

But if you can not enjoy the taste of coffee directly lanang at Cafe Malangsari, Kalibaru, Banyuwangi, now do not have to bother anymore because you can buy coffee lanang beautiful packaging it in a supermarket in the town of Banyuwangi.

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